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Hahow 擁有全台最多元的跨領域募資課程,學那些學校不會教的事✨
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Hahow 好學校是最有趣的線上課程平台,同時也是全台最大的跨領域募資學習網站。取自台語「學校」的發音(ㄏㄚˇ ㄏㄠ),我們相信學習是一種生活體驗,希望透過科技與創意的力量,讓世界每個角落都因學習而快樂,實現知識技能的有效流動。


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Hahow is the most exciting platform for online learning. Taiwan's largest fund-raising interdisciplinary education website. Pronounced as “hahow”, which means “school” in Taiwanese, we believe that learning is a daily and lifetime experience.

Through the power of technology and creativity, our mission is to create an effective learning community, empower every corner of the world to explore knowledge and skills happily. 

This is a place that extends the value of knowledge. We make everyone in our community rediscover the joy of learning, the joy as if exploring surprises in the universe!

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Taipei, Taiwan

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